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Current IFPCS Members (public information)

This is the public searchable roster of the current IFPCS Members Database. If you want to display the "public information" from all the members included currently in the IFPCS members database, simply select "all societies" and press the "Find" button below. If you want to display all members from a given society first select the society and then press the "Find" button below, without entering any search term. Otherwise, you can select first a society (or all societies) and then enter a search term (name, institution, country) into the box and hit the find button, and the database will search by name, institution or country.

Note: only a single word can be used for the search at a time. For example, you can select "all societies" and enter "John" as a "searchterm" and find all the members named John in the IFPCS database, or you can select ESPCR and enter "Japan" and find all ESPCR members who live in Japan. However, if you enter two searchterms "(i.e. John USA)", no result will be returned.

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